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Profit With Faster News and Research

Benzinga Pro is a streaming platform with all the information you need to invest better today.

How can Benzinga Pro make you money?

Faster News

Benzinga Pro’s real-time browser-based newsfeed breaks market-moving news and rumors, while providing non-biased analysis

  • Industry relationships with small, mid, and large-cap companies
  • Instant e-mail alerts covering your custom portfolio, individual stocks and entire industry sectors

Profitable Rumors

Benzinga Pro consistently sources market-moving rumors that get traders in and out of positions before the Street

  • Hundreds of calls per day to company executives, market makers, industry professionals and market analysts sourcing stories before they hit the Street
  • First to break market rumors and news on a daily basis [see proof]

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Real-Time Audio Alerts

Benzinga Pro’s newsdesk squawks real-time market-moving audio alerts over the internet so that you never miss:

  • Profitable rumors
  • Must-see earnings beats & misses
  • Tradable ratings upgrades, downgrades and initial coverage
  • Anything that we believe will make you money

Smarter Research

Benzinga Professional delivers real-time research tools through a full calendar suite including:

  • Pre/post-market earning reports
  • Ratings coverage gathered from hundreds of research firms
  • IPOs, splits and all important economic numbers
  • EXCLUSIVE online one-on-one IM chat with Benzinga Pro’s newsdesk team letting them do the tireless research for you

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Benzinga Pro is truly a hidden gem in the financial news space. They are not just posting news, but breaking it before mainstream media runs with it. This is the one tool that I never trade without.”
Kunal Desai

“Benzinga Pro is that must have tool for traders and investors to open first thing in the morning and leave open throughout the trading session. It helps tremendously in getting a feel for the market, and to zero in on those stocks most likely to pop before the masses realize.”
Brian Sozzi
Chief Equities Analyst, NBG Productions

“Benzinga Pro’s news feed always delivers timely information that gives me a much needed advantage over other traders that are still waiting for the same news release to be printed on the other well known « larger » news sources. While everyone else is clueless about new happenings in the market I have already reacted accordingly and entered a new position. As Gordon Gecko said in Wall Street: « The most valuable commodity I know of is information. »”
Jayson Derrick
Director, International Trading TM Global Capital

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Benzinga Professional delivers real-time financial news straight to your desktop. Benzinga Professional provides real-time stock news, ideas and real-time audio in the easiest to use interface ever created! Take it for a try today.

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