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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie…oi…oi…yay (or how to make the best of your trip to the world cup!!!)


Hello Good People!!

We are happy to reach you for the first time. If you haven’t heard about Cashkumar (and you should have if you like to travel :)), we are people who love travel and set out to ease some pain points of fellow travelers. Specifically we aggregate and get you the best currency exchange rates, insurance services and other travel related deals. But, we will shut our traps and get on to the article (PS: but if you want to know more visit

Now we know a lot of you are heading out to Australia and New Zealand to watch the world cup. And to you lucky people we say enjoy the tournament, cheer the team and shout loudly during the matches #WE WON’T GIVE IT BACK…

But these are beautiful countries with an amazing culture and fun-loving people. Don’t forget that and make the best of your time. We bring you some things…mainstream and offbeat…that you might want to do at the different venues based on our extensive rand rigorous research (done by sitting on a couch and googling places which we find exciting). Let’s start with Australia…

Adelaide: This beautiful city lies on the southern coast of Australia with matches held at the Adelaide Oval. Now our research tells us that apart from enjoying the historic sights and the beach you should head to the Glenelg seaside area for some swimming, beach volley, arcades and sight-seeing. For the partying types, the place transforms on a fri/sat evening.

Brisbane: The eastern most city in Australia with the wicked Gabba pitch which tripped up the test team. We think an interesting place to visit (which we definitely would) is the Puzzled Room Escape in Holland Park. It challenges the inner detective and problem solver in you with easy and tough scenarios…so choose with care as you have only 1 hour to solve the mystery. If you visit it…let us know your experience.

Canberra: Quick…what is the capital of Australia is a questions you can stump many people with!!! Yes, as you know its Canberra and not Melbourne. Canberra is wine country, so we would advise you try some if you have a taste for it. You can go bush walking to see kangaroos, the parks, gardens, lakes or even the NASA deep space network. But a little internet sprite tells us to take a walk through the Stromlo Forest Park… it is rumoured to be HAUNTED!!

Well we are nearing the word limit so enough for this time. We will rest our bums a bit more and come back with the rest 4 cities in Australia in the next post… only if we see a 25% increase in our website traffic by next week… no kidding. Jokes apart, do visit us and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn… whatever your social addiction. We have some fun stuff going and some interesting info we share…whether you travel or not. Till then Cheerio!

-Team Cashkumar

  • Date
    February 10, 2015

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Travel Benefits “for-ex” cricketers


As we told you, we will be fun this new year. Life is not all about work and we definitely know how to have a good laugh. So here is a fun piece written for us by a friend. It is a fun piece which only reflects the views and opinions of the contributor. So here goes…

Everyone needs Forex. Especially when traveling overseas. Just like cricketers who will now travel to Australia for the ODI World Cup. At Cashkumar we serve anyone and everyone’s needs but we didn’t know how to respond to Mr. Bunny…

He wanted Forex. “What’s the buy rate for a wicket?” He enquired. We asked “top order or lower order, sir?”. « Anything cheap » Bunny replied. We searched for the best, but the rate shot up and went through the roof as soon as he was named. So we offered him new deals on an insurance policy instead. Bunny was confused “I already have a non-performance insurance scheme!!! My papa got it for me. Here see my papers..”.

We had to cut him short. “No sir…this policy only applies to you. Based on your profile we recommend a special travel insurance for the kookaburra ball you will use. It will travel to far flung places sir. Does it have enough Forex or insurance cover to have a smooth transit to Papua New Guinea…sir? Hello…Sir? Sir??”

Last heard Mr. Bunny was seen practicing his slower ball. We hope it reaches the batsman slower than rising rates for wickets…but we suspect he might still be a little pissed. No worries, we’ll make it up to him. We will get him a great deal on his cab ride back from the airport…

But if you are travelling to watch him perform in Australia, trust us to get you great forex rates and lots of other travel deals…Visit us at

Do comment, share and recommend us to your friends. This was a humor piece only and not intended to hurt anyone…peace out

Team Cashkumar

  • Date
    January 13, 2015

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Dubai Shopping Festival


Hello guys!!

As promised, here we are with our practical spin on the Dubai Shopping Festival 2015. Since it is all about shopping, we thought of talking about ‘real savings’. But let’s start with the casual traveler.

Now we have never been to Dubai during DSF but we have heard that it’s a carnival for all. So if you are planning to go to Dubai this might be a good time. There are events, concerts, fashion and stage shows apart from your regular safari and sight-seeing. Here are a couple of links with some information that might help,

Onto our shopper friends now!!! Do be aware that this comparison is as per our information and we urge you make your own judgement. Yes so you are there and you really really want to buy a huge TV. What you need to think about is the amount of discount which will give you real savings. Lets say the TV costs Rs.1,20,000 in India and is available for Rs. 1,00,000. Do you buy or not?

Lets say you do, now we believe you will lose money on this deal even with a 15% discount. At that discount your price will be Rs. 85,000 but upon return you pay a duty of 36.05% making it Rs. 1,15,642. That is still a small saving right? Well no, because there is another cost. Some airlines charge you for carrying TVs above a certain size which could be an average of Rs. 5000 marking up the final cost to Rs. 1,20,642. So what you should ideally look for is atleast a 20% discount on an original price of Rs. 1,00,000.

Of course, the airline charge might not matter for smaller electronic items while for items like gold and silver you do have an allowance. How airport officials interpret rules is again something we don’t know about. So we urge you once again to use your own judgement at all times.

Completely forgot!!! If you want additional savings, get your forex at You know you have to do it now and also recommend us to fellow travellers and friends (Told you we will hardsell ourselves :))

So happy shopping and we hope you have a lovely time there!!!

Team Cashkumar

  • Date
    January 8, 2015

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Welcome 2015. Exciting times ahead!


Hello Folks,

Happy New Year and hope you partied hard into 2015!!!

First up thanks for supporting us and being our friends. Do spread the word and help us expand this fellowship by recommending us to your family, friends, relatives and colleagues…we will share a lot of fun information, activities and general offers to make it worth their while!!!

The coming year looks exciting with a lot of action and excitement in store. You will also see a fun new side to us. Business apart, let’s connect on a personal level. Talk to us and let us know what kind of information we can share to help you explorers. We will find what people are saying and bring it to you. We will let you know what is happening in the world of forex. We will bring you fun offers and finally we will do lots of marketing…as we have to

So let us first focus on two upcoming events – the Dubai Shopping Festival 2015 and the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. We are thinking hard on something new to say about these events. But if you find an angle before us, do ping us on fb or twitter. We will research and write about it. Till then be happy and stay safe.

– Team Cashkumar

  • Date
    January 3, 2015

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What Is Travel Insurance? Why Is It Important?


Travelling is increasingly becoming one of the most important activities of our lives. With the changing times of the world, we tend to travel often for business as well as for leisure. Most of us book our travel details online or through a travel agent. In both cases, you would always be asked « do you need travel insurance? »

Many of us wouldn’t know what travel insurance is exactly and what it covers. Many of us might be informed about one of the many things that travel insurance offers. But it is important for us to know which insurance to buy and what all benefits it can provide you.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a preventive measure for unexpected events during the time of travel. It covers not only the cost of medical expenses, but also trip related expenses. It protects your financial, health and safety interests.

Travel insurance most commonly covers the following events –

  • Trip cancellations or trip interruptions
  • If you need to change the dates of your travel or cancel your trip, you will be able to do so for fairly acceptable reasons even though your ticket may not include a refund or cancellation policy.

  • Medical expenses abroad or overseas covering illness or accident
  • Your usual medical insurance isn’t able to always cover your medical emergencies while you travel abroad. In such cases, your travel insurance can cover for the emergencies in cases of illness or an accident. The travel medical benefits are of great importance when you travel to countries with high medical fees.

  • Travel baggage or document loss or theft
  • If your baggage is lost, delayed due to the airline or stolen during your travel or trip, the travel insurance can help you to report it and recover it. In cases of losing travel documents, the travel insurance protects you until you can obtain temporary documents.

  • Emergency evacuation
  • When you need emergency medical care and transportation to the nearest medical center, you may not be the first priority in the absence of travel insurance. Unless paying the full amount is feasible, travel insurance helps a great deal here.

  • Accidental injury or death
  • In an event of accidental death or injury, the traveler’s beneficiaries get the financial benefit through the travel insurance.

    Why travel insurance is important

    There are a lot of unexpected circumstances that can arise during travelling. As mentioned above, the travel insurance is one of the most important things to secure your trip. It is a preventive measure that you take for a relatively smaller price and in return protects and benefits you during emergency situations.

    Depending on your destination, duration and travel details, you can decide which insurance plan can benefit you the most. By knowing what is travel insurance for and why travel insurance is important, you can choose the right one in an attempt to make your trip safe and sound.

    • Date
      October 30, 2014

    • Tags
      safe travel, travel insurance

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    Dangerous Tourist Destinations


    Visiting new destinations can be an exhilarating experience. However, there are certain cities and tourist zones where you have to be a little more alert for a safe journey. To help you rightly, we have come up with a list of dangerous tourist destinations that you should be careful at any cost. Read on to know better about these destinations.


    Caracas is the capital city of Venezuela and right now, it is one of the most dangerous spots of the world. This city has a large number of drug gangs and drug peddlers. Street crimes are also quite common here. So, if you visit Caracas, be extremely careful in order to avoid any unwanted hassle.


    Honduras is a beautiful destination. It is rich in natural diversity and is one of the most impeccable destinations of the world. However, this destination is also a hotspot for dengue, malaria and high fever. While visiting Honduras you have to take necessary precautions against these ailments. Apart from health risks, this region is also quite unsafe for traveling. According to the reports of, Honduras has the maximum rates of murder across the globe. Thus, if you’re visiting Honduras, be extremely alert and careful during the stay.


    Detroit is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the US. However, while visiting the city you’ve got to be extra cautious. According to a report from, in 2013, Detroit has the highest crime rates in US. You can always visit this city if you can look beyond these hassles. However, always try to be alert and careful while traveling here.

    Ciudad Juarez

    Mexican cities can offer you a delightful travel experience. But when you’re visiting Juarez, try to be a little more careful than usual. This city has a large number of drug peddlers and huge crimes go unpunished here.


    Egypt is an beautiful travel destination with pyramids, museums and some amazing hotspots of interest. However, throughout the last few years Egypt has been experiencing much of internal unrest. Thus, if you want to avoid any unnecessary hassle, be cautious and alert while traveling to Egypt.

    Cape Town

    Cape Town, in South America has some wonderful places of interest. The climate is pleasant and you can enjoy an awesome stay here. But since the last few years, this city has been a seat of unrest due to poverty and high growing criminal offence. While traveling to Cape Town be extra-cautious and always avoid traveling at night. This will prevent all impending risks during the journey.


    This wonderful country, dotted with rugged beauty, is one of the most dangerous tourist destinations of the world. Initially there was an issue with the Government and right now, there is a serious issue with the Taliban. So if you’re visiting Afghanistan always take a companion and try to limit your journey in the country to avoid any hassle during your travel.

    These are some tourist destinations, where you need to be more careful while traveling. So while making your travel plans here, try to take the necessary precautions to enjoy a safe and comfortable journey.

    • Date
      October 26, 2014

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    Solo Woman Traveler – Tips For Safe Travel


    Planning to travel alone? Well, in case you’re a woman traveler who’s planning to travel alone, here are certain tips that you’ve got to ensure. These snippets of wisdom will be extremely handy during your travel. Take a look.

    Solo Woman Traveler – 10 Safe Travel Tips

    Study the road map carefully

    While traveling alone, you have to be even more careful about the road maps. Get hold of a proper and authentic road map or Google Map and check it carefully before visiting any new destination. Also do a thorough research about the local areas and the danger-prone zones of the country or city you are planning to visit.

    Carry a whistle

    A whistle can be a ‘life-saver’ in your solo trip. Keep it handy in the purse for quick access. You would not want to search for a long time amidst your other items. Whenever you smell danger simply blow the whistle in order to make others aware of the situation. Whistle is considered to be a signal of alert in almost all countries. So blowing a whistle can be of much help.

    Provide limited information

    If you’re a solo woman traveler, never provide your complete information while traveling alone. For instance, while ordering breakfast, give your initials or the last name instead of the full name. Never share your complete details with a stranger. You can make friends, but unless you know a person completely, never trust them with any kind of personal details.

    Research on the dress codes

    Feminists may not like this idea, but while visiting a new destination, researching on the dress codes is absolutely necessary. Check the ethical dress codes of the local areas and try to dress appropriately. This can reduce any kind of big risk during the journey.

    Learn the basic keywords of the country/city you’re visiting

    Learning basic emergency phrases like « help me », « danger », « where’s this place » will ensure a safer and better journey for a solo woman traveler. This will prevent all impending risks and let you enjoy a downright hassle free journey. You can use a mobile app or Google translator to do the same.

    Follow your ‘gut feeling’

    Following your gut feeling can be of much help while traveling to new destinations. You needn’t be on a high alert mode every time. However, whenever something or someone seems to be a little off, avoid it. This will prevent you from walking into a terribly bad situation. Always listen to your intuition and go by your sixth sense while traveling somewhere.

    Pack all the necessary documents

    This might seem to be an extra luggage, but packing the scanned copies of your necessary documents can be a viable idea while traveling alone. You can keep copies of necessary documents in different bags. Also keep a scanned copy in your email box/online. This will be quite useful when you’re stuck in a difficult situation where you need the help of the embassy.

    Be confident

    Things can get worse when you put the ‘damsel in distress’ mode on. So try to be confident while traveling alone. You won’t face the hassles of unnecessary people if you’ve got a confident body language and an attitude that suggests that you know the destination.

    Carry Necessary Items for Emergency Scenarios

    Carry pepper spray in your handbag incase someone tries to mug you. Install an SOS app on the phone which starts tracking the phone in case of danger. Have the number of the local police guys handy.

    Learn about the local politics and culture

    When you know the basic customs, local politics and the culture of the area you’re visiting, there’s likely to be less trouble. For instance, while visiting Thailand, never be disrespectful about the Royal Family. Again, while visiting Vietnam avoid speaking about local politics.

    These guidelines will surely be handy for a solo woman traveler. So follow these tips for an absolutely safe and hassle free trip.

    Do you find this information useful? We would like to here from you. Share your inputs.For all your travel related requirements check out

    • Date
      October 18, 2014

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      travel tips, woman traveller

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    How To Transfer or Carry Money From India To China – 5 Things To Reduce Cost For All Businesses


    The Chinese economy is one of the most rapidly growing economies; with a GDP of 7.7% as of 2013  as opposed to India’s GDP of 5.0%. The economic boom of China has led to increase in trade between India and China. This has increased the necessity to find ways of transferring money from India to China. How to transfer money from India to China has multiple answers, which depends on how cost effective you want to be with the transaction. Here are 5 ways by which you can reduce cost while changing Yuan to INR and vice versa.

    Transfer Money From India To China – 5 Things To Reduce Cost For All Businesses

    Predict the rates

    If you manage to keep an eye on the market, you might be able to predict the currency fluctuations. It’s wise to understand the fluctuations in the foreign exchange markets are often due to multiple reasons, and as such, it makes sense to hold a connection with the forex market. At the moment (September 19, 2014) of penning down this article, the Chinese President is in India and discussions are on to improve bilateral ties and increase China’s investment in improving India’s infrastructure. So current events such as these definitely impact the currency exchange rate. Prediction, as it seems on the surface, is not easy. However having a hang of the market sentiments does help in understanding fluctuations better.

    Find authorized agents

    Most authorized money changers, including banks, work on a spread, which is a small margin applicable on top of interbank conversion rate. Getting the best rate for Chinese currency can be tricky, given that most forex exchange provide different exchange rates. Adding to the confusing choice of money changers, there are also unauthorized dealers, who often provide lower rates, if you want to to buy Yuan Currency Notes. But these unauthorised dealers might provide fake currency notes.

    Use aggregating platforms

    When dealing with authorised money changers, you need to haggle to get the best exchange rate. However, with aggregator platforms such as Cashkumar, you can get the best exchange rates without the need to bargain with multiple vendors. Cashkumar has tied up with authorised forex vendors in India. The Cashkumar platform takes requests from customers, both individuals and businesses, and passes the request to its partner forex vendors. The forex vendors can place their bids for the same. The lowest bid is then passed on to the customer, who can make a choice to go ahead and complete the deal.

    Knowing the current interbank exchange rate is very significant to know the extra amount that goes in the final transaction. Today, there are websites and applications that can give you the current exchange rates, and by knowing the current rate, you can compare it to the rates that any authorized agent is offering. If the offered exchange rate is much higher than the current rate, then you can look for another agent.

    Use alternative instruments

    When wondering about how to transfer money from India to China, it is best to limit currency notes as it usually has the maximum spread. Instead, you can resort to alternative instruments like Demand Drafts, Forex Cards, and Traveler’s Checks, which work better even for those who are traveling and sending money to China frequently.

    You can choose one or more of these five methods to help your business transfer money from India to China while keeping the cost low.

    • Date
      September 22, 2014

    • Tags
      money transfer from India to China, overseas transfer, supplier payments, vendor payments

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    Why Your Favourite Forex Dealer Cannot Offer Best Exchange Rate Always?


    The needs and uses of foreign currency are inevitable in a world that’s swiftly turning into a global village. Often for travelling and frequently for business deals, you have to find the right ways to get the best exchange rate. For starters, it is worthy to mention that the forex market comprises of a number of players. This includes the banks, Forex vendors and grey market elements. Each of these players provide different currency rates, therefore you will need to make an informed choice when exchanging currency.

    Best Exchange Rate – Your favourite forex dealer cannot offer best rates always.

    Getting Ahead With A Choice

    Before you decide on a Forex Dealer, you will need to understand how few money exchange services offer better rates as opposed to others. Banks offer currency exchange service as one of their offerings. As these services are not their core offering, the exchange rates which they provide may not always be very competitive.

    On the other hand, Forex vendors may give you better exchange rates because they buy currency in bulk and can afford to sell with a lesser spread. Spread is the margin that forex vendors make on every sale, which accounts for their cost of services.

    Unauthorised forex dealers may be able to offer you better currency exchange rates. However, you need to exercise caution if you want to avail their services. They often deal in fake currency which will nullify the savings you make on a currency exchange transaction.

    This brings us down to one question- Can same the forex dealer, who handed a good exchange rate for the last deal, offer a good rate for all transactions? The answer is no.

    Your Favorite Forex Dealer Is Not Always The Best

    The foreign exchange market is equally volatile for the traders and buyers/sellers alike, and the impacts of any changes are bound to affect one and all. Several political and global macroeconomic factors affect the price of currency exchange. A political turmoil or a war or a newly elected government in a country all account for exchange rate volatility. While having a forex dealer worth trusting seems to be a good idea, it is equally important to value the prices of other dealers, who offer a better rate owing to their lesser spread.

    On any given day, the exchange rate which a forex vendors can offer to you will vary and therefore, you cannot expect to get the best rates from your chosen dealer every time. This is based on the holding cost of the vendor as well as other overhead costs. is an aggregator platform which has partnered with Forex Vendors. You can give your currency exchange requirement and Cashkumar will pass this requirement to its partners who place their bids. The one with the lowest bid gets to cater to your requirement. Therefore you are assured of the best exchange rate that the market can provide, every time.

    Sounds too good to be true? Well, instead of trusting one vendor at all times for foreign exchange needs, it is good to take advantage of platforms where you can get best rate for a given deal.  Businesses that need to remit money to foreign countries need to move beyond the banks, and platforms like which only make the process easier and simpler.

    • Date
      September 22, 2014

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    Money Transfer From India To US- How To Get The Best Exchange Rate In India


    The United States dollar or the USD, remains the most traded currency in the world, and with the rise in trade and travel, the demand for USD in India has increased manifold. In India, one can get USD in numerous instrument forms, starting from currency notes and demand drafts to traveler’s checks and forex cards. No matter where you get your USD from, one thing remains constant- the spread or margin on the interbank rate.If you are planning for money transfer from India to US,here’s a close take on various ways to get the exchange rate right, which is all about reducing the spread and getting a rate that is close to the actual interbank rate.

    Money Transfer from India to US – 4 things for best exchange rate

    Trust authorized dealers

    When making a money transfer from India to USA or vice versa you need to exchange the currency to the local currency. You can choose to turn to authorized forex dealers to help you with the transactions. Authorized forex dealers in India can be banks and forex vendors/money changers, who are authorized by the Reserve Bank of India. There are many unauthorized dealers, who can offer better exchange rates in the grey market. However, it’s wise to understand that grey market transactions have their own legal and risk implications.

    Enjoy lowest USD exchange rates with Cashkumar

    Even though authorized dealers are the best bids, you might like to check the different exchange rates that they offer. At the same time, you might not have the time or the interest to put in the effort of sniffing out the best rates. This is when you can turn to aggregator platforms like Cashkumar. You can put your requirements, and the website will place a request with the tie-up banks and money changers. Once all the bids from different money changers are received, you are passed on the lowest bid from the authorized dealers.

    Balance well with mixed instruments

    If you are a student or a traveller relocating to USA, you will be making a money transfer from India to USA. This is known as remittance. Along with this, you will need to carry some local currency with you for your daily needs. Apart from buying currency notes, you can use a Demand Draft, or a Traveler’s Cheque or even a forex card to make the transactions convenient. They are easier to carry, and also cut down the cost of transfer.

    Trust your readings

    If you keep a close eye on the market and the influencing factors of exchange rates, you can predict the rise or fall of the rates. By anticipating the rates, you know when to opt to exchange the currency. For example if the USD to INR (Indian National Rupee) rate is low, it might be a good idea to buy more USD, and at the same time if the USD to INR rate is high then you can sell some USD to gain more INR. Since the fluctuations happen rapidly you might need to anticipate it before hand.

    These methods of resorting to authorized dealers, choosing the right instrument and predicting the rates can allow you to get the best exchange rates. Try out these suggestions, next time you have money transfer from India to US.We hope this information has been useful to you.

    • Date
      September 13, 2014

    • Tags
      Dollar transfer, overseas transfer, Transfer money from India to US

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