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€$ Euro-to-Dollar.netJapanese Yen to Israeli Shekel – JPY to ILS – Currency ConverterToday, 676.00 Japanese Yen is worth 22.24 Israeli Shekel, ie, ¥ 676.00 = ₪ 22.24. That’s because the Japanese Yen exchange rate today, used to convert to Israeli Shekel, is 0.03. So, to convert from Japanese Yen to Israeli Shekel you just need to use this formula: [ILS = JPY x 0.03]. Use the calculator below to easily convert any JPY value to ILS.

Learn how to get the best Japanese exchange rate before exchanging your money

The Japanese Yen is the official Japanese currency. JPY/ILS represents the value of Japanese money in Israeli money and it is called the ‘exchange rate’ or ‘forex rate’. This exchange rate from Japanese Yen to Israeli Shekel is today at 0.033.

As an example, suppose you are from Jerusalem* Israel and you travel to Tokyo Japan. There, you need to get 1000 Japanese Yens (¥) at a Tokyo bank to pay your hotel. In this case you would pay 0.033 * 1000 = 33 Israeli Shekels (₪). But, in practice, you will pay more (or perhaps much more) to get the same amount of your foreign currency due to the margin for the money conversion services costs like: commissions, credit card surcharges, ATM fees and other expenses. If, for example, you are using a credit card, this margin will typically be around 2 to 3 percent. We recommend that you choose the best place to make your money exchange because there can be a large difference between forex rates you will get..

In the example above for a 1000 Japanese Yens amount, the result of the money conversion is 33.66 ILS for a 2% margin or 33.99 ILS for a 3% margin.

Some Internet based foreign currency exchange agencies add 10 percent or even more. So, if you make the same calculations above, there will be a difference of about 3.3 ILS depending on which forex bank or agency you choose to exchange your money. So, that’s why we advise you to seek the best place to get the best fx rates for your upcoming money transfer/exchange. The only way to know what is the best exchange rate is to know what the current rate is. You can easily accomplish this by using periodically our currency converter above to get an idea of what forex rate to expect.

Note: If you use our currency converter, you only need to choose the amount of margin in its drop-down list and have an estimate of how much you will pay to get the desired amount.

By the way: there are some notations for this currency pair like JPY-ILS or JPYILS among others.
The currency symbol for Japanese Yen is (¥) while the currency symbol for Israeli Shekel is (₪). Note also that the Japan country code is JPN or JP. The Israel country code is ISR or IL

Japanese Yen (JPY) to Israeli Shekel (ILS) Cheat Sheet Table

You can print out and cut this « currency table » also known as currency ‘cheat sheet’ for travellers or ‘pocket guide’ and keep it with you. During your travel you can compare currency amounts in foreign currency with your own home currency and vice-versa, so you will not need any calculator or mobile app get an idea of how much you will pay for a product or service.

Print out this Japanese Yen to Israeli Shekel Currency Table

JPY (¥)ILS (₪)10.000.3320.000.6650.001.65100.003.29200.006.58500.0016.451000.0032.912000.0065.815000.00164.5310000.00329.0620000.00658.1250000.001645.31100000.003290.611000000.0032906.10

ILS (₪)JPY (¥)

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