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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA


No Rating

Date of Post:2008-06-12


We don’t have any experience with the forex training offered by If you have been to these forex education classes, please leave a review.

Mav, , Australia


Date of Post:2015-01-11


Nothing but a stochastic system with a martingale type recovery. Don’t waste money here.

Joey Polk, Texas, USA


Date of Post:2013-11-17


Good Course and a tradable system. Craig’s style of trading is different than what I am use to but it works and he proves it by trading the system each day live in his trade room. Over all Craig Harris is a good choice for Forex trading education.

CadastralSurvey, New Britain, CT, USA


Date of Post:2013-10-01


It has been almost 22 months since I purchased The Natural Flow from Craig Harris. My trade success from August 26, 2013 to September 26, 2013, was 35 winners for 45 trades, a 78% win rate, for 383 pips.

Things are finally coming together very nicely. Craig’s system works, but you must do your homework. I have the benefit of being self-employed, so I am able to study or monitor the markets about 40-60 hours per week. Since August 26, 2013, on the days that I traded, I have not had a losing day.

The Natural Flow is a proven, profitable system when combined with your dedication and hard work.

The only correction I have to my first review is that once you learn how to use the MT4 trading platform, create a live account and use real money, even if you are trading only $0.10 a pip. There is no substitute for using actual cash because you have more of a vested interest in the trades, and you will be less likely to form bad habits.

2012-05-01 5Star
Review: I have been Craig Harris’s student since January 16, 2012. My trading capabilities have increased exponentially since studying and learning The Natural Flow System. Craig makes it clear to potential students before beginning this program that trading the Forex can be very profitable, but you have to dedicate yourself to putting in the time and energy to learning The Natural Flow System. You also must be willing to invest in yourself. That means purchasing The Natural Flow System and putting in the face time with the market. Trading the Forex is not easy, it is similar to learning a new profession, and the only way you will become proficient is with practice.

Your proficiency at trading the Forex will improve with Craig’s mentorship. Trading in the live chatroom with Craig is invaluable because he answers students’ questions immediately. Traders are able to get answers to their questions in real-time, as the markets are moving. Hind sight is 20/20, and it is easy to say you would have done this or done that, but there is no substitute for trading live and knowing there is someone who can assist when you may need encouragement or positive reinforcement. Craig is with us, each and every day for at least six hours, and you can often find him online at other times, as well. Craig is accessible, no doubt about it.

What I find appealing about being in the chatroom is how Craig answers questions both simple and complex in a professional manner. No matter how many times the same questions may be asked during a trading session or throughout the week, Craig’s answers are well thought out and addressed in a professional, courteous manner.

Craig also encourages students to help each other. The ability to chat with other traders and learn from their experiences is great; getting another person’s perspective on how to read a chart as a trade setup is forming is invaluable. Learning from others makes the learning curve a little less steep.

I highly recommend The Natural Flow System, with one caveat, you must be willing to do the work! You must treat this as if you are attending classes at a college or university or as if you are involved in job training, because that is what it is. If you put in the time, you will see results. If you become a Craig Harris student, your are investing in yourself, so get the most of out it.

When I started trading with Craig in January, I was learning the system just like anyone learning something for the first time. I made my share of mistakes but that’s OK because I was learning. I continue to learn more every day. I have been able to take my trading success from earning 10-20 pips one or two days a week, to consistently earning 20-40 pips a day on average, with more than one day having earned over 110 pips!

Follow Craig’s rules. Trade a demo account until you are consistently profitable two months in a row. Start small and concentrate on earning the pips. If you consistently earn the pips then you are well on your way to a bright future.

If you follow the rules, put in the face time with the market, and exercise patience and discipline, you will learn a skill that will change your life!

Simon,, Ottawa, Canada


Date of Post:2013-08-11



Tomorrow Morning … I am leaving for a one year trip traveling.. thanks to Trading it makes it possible… a laptop and another 22 screen and I AM good to go…. :) its been a great ride since I started this venture… a roler coster ride at times.. I blew up a 12k account once and I Cried but I didnt give up…. I kept my eyes on the prize here I am a full time trader at 25 years old living my dreams one at time.. I am blessed I would say only last week I made over 600 pips and at least 500 of them are from Trades that I called in the Chatroom… all this hard work is finally paying off…

all I want to say is anything is possible… if you want something in life just go and make it happen only live once :)

I wish you all success



2012-11-06 5Star hi all … so re writting a review here…

so if your not in the chatroom what are you waiting for…?

I’ve been with Craig for 3 years now as of Today I think…. thats the only education I have of FX… maybe 3-4 months of buying robots and BS ebooks… anyways Im the youngest in the chatroom 25ys old and Im full time trading… I’m so consistent its nearly unbelievable…. Im like a mini Craig now… lol I help new traders who comes and struggle a bit… I backtest with them… so I recommend you guys join and start making money with us..

see you on the the winners side



2011-08-12 5Star well I can’t say much more this course is amazing if you wanna make money forex thats the way…. the natural flow…. I have been with Craig for a little while now … I’m one of the youngest 23 years old… before this class I didn’t even know how to place and order in a MT4 platform… barely knew anything about trading except those 100 robots and signal services…. anyways I love the chat and everybody in it its like a new home :)…. you log every night, you trade, you make money, make jokes laugh its fun and you learn so much… I don’t need Craig to trade anymore I can trade on my own and I do Great…. I get my 40 pips/day… most of the time and some weeks are better… I finished over 400 pips this week trading on my own…. so I recommend this course to anyone who is struggling in Forex who finally wants to make money… see you all in the Chat :)

2009-12-08 5Star what can I say else than that I’m EXTREMELY HAPPY that I’ve joined Craig and all the others in this life changing opportunity.

As a new Trader, I was a bit skeptical at first to buy this class because of the price but after 3-4 months of (f****** around) buying this ebook and that robot and this system and all this bulls*** I decided to jump know when you want something in life you have to take actions and make it happens. so thats what I did.

anyway after only 3 weeks and a half I’m already seeing results.
I’ve been profitable (40 pips and more) for the last 8 days in row so thats a good start. I’m going to update this review in about 3-4 months to tell how well its going.

I recommend this Class to anyone who wants to be successful in the Forex market and who wants to live from it in a not so far future.



Doug Hammett, USA and Botswana


Date of Post:2013-07-29


I have bought several training programs for forex and had some moderate success trading. However it seemed consistency was not something I could achieve.
I have looked at Craigs free training for a long time and passed on getting in. I did not want to waste money on yet another training that did not deliver. But I finally pulled the trigger and am very glad I did.
I joined Craigs Forex training one month ago…the first 2 weeks were choppy…the last 2 weeks have been right on target with consistent results.
Not only solid training, but also great feedback in the trading room.
It has made a big difference for me.
If you are new to trading it will take awhile to learn the ropes, but you will get the hang of it in time. For those with a decent understanding but not able to pull it together for consistent results, I recommend this highly.


Psay, , United Kingdom


Date of Post:2013-03-18


.I have been trading the natural Flow system with Craig for 2 months now. Prior to taking the course I had been trading fx for two years and was doing okay but wanted to be more consistent.

The system Craig teaches is very simple and straightforward which is great. It can be picked up very quickly but it is his losing trade mitigation that has been the ah-ha moment for me Taking the losing trade and turning it into a breakeven or small winner has dramatically changed my fortunes.

His 2 day live training each month is very informative and full of trading gems. They are all recorded and available on his site. Each one is a minimum of two hours so it will take me some time to go through all of them.

The only negative for me is the live trade room. There are a small handful of people on there who are not trading the system as taught by Craig but rather their spin on it. It caused me a lot of confusion early on as I thought I was missing something. I learnt to filter out those people and their inflated egos. You know the ones, the market moves and they got all the pips it goes against them and they are out with a b/e. It is a shame as this has the potential to be very good. I rarely log into this now as it just causes me too much confusion.

Dayvid, Singapore, Singapore


Date of Post:2013-02-07


Any aspiring Forex trader without a mentor is like a ship without a rudder. In order to prevent himself or herself from walking down a path of destructive trading, he or she needs a reliable and dedicated mentor to be their light and guide. If you have yet to find one, then look no more because Craig Harris is the man. Craig IS the real deal!

Prior to joining Craig Harris Forex, I have spent thousands of dollars on educational books and courses. This is excluding the thousands of dollars of my hard-earned money that I lost to the markets as a result of my mistakes. Courses that claimed to produce good results or packaged with mentorship programs ended up as empty promises. So I must say when I first came across Craig’s site, I was skeptical. But after reading all the reviews here on FPA, I decided to take that courageous step to give it one last shot. And am I glad to have done so because this decision has become the major turning point of my trading journey.

Craig’s trading system is clearly explained in detail through the PDFs and video recordings that he makes easily available to us on his website. Also not forgetting the hours and hours of video recordings of his « live seminar » that he conducts every month. With so much information and knowledge, it is really impossible NOT to succeed at this game! If that is not all, there is the « Live Trade Room » where Craig will interact and let us know which are the real-time trades that he take day-in and day-out. If you have a question, Craig is there and HE WILL answer! Having said that, I have never come across anyone as dedicated as Craig. The impression I have of Craig these 3 months of interaction is that he sincerely wants YOU to succeed as a trader! Now that is the perfect epitome of a great mentor!

So please, hesitate no more. The price you pay for this course will return to you 100 times its value. I wish I had met Craig earlier on my journey to save me from all those months of « junk trading ». As I carry on my path of achieving consistent profits week after week, may I also add that although Craig is there for you, it is YOU who must make that conscious effort to stay disciplined to trade his method well and be patient enough to see the results.

I will end my review by leaving this note for Craig :

« Craig, thank you for being such a wonderful mentor. What I have learned from you over the past 3 months seems to me like I have completed a 3 year course instead! Thank you for helping me understand how the Forex market really works. I hope to do you proud by being a consistently profitable trader by trading your Natural Flow System! »

5 stars rating is not enough, can we give him 50?



Tony Boyte, Mississippi, USA


Date of Post:2013-02-05


Just had to drop a quick line here about the Craig Harris trading system. I’ve been trading Forex since 2007. I’m an advanced Elliott Wave trader. I also rely heavily on pure price action as much as possible with very few indicators. So technical analysis has become second nature to me when trading.
As most traders know though, there’s a lot to keep up with when trading. Things like figuring Average daily range, how much ground was covered in each session, when the sessions start and end, going back and manually marking highs and lows on daily, four hour and hourly charts…those things take up a lot of time and, if not done properly, can give you false information.
I just signed up for Craig’s system a few days ago. I watched one of his recent webinars and was totally blown away by the chart setups he has in place now. All of the information you need to trade with is right there in front of you. You literally don’t have to do anything but glance at the chart and you instantly have all of the critical need-to-know information at your fingertips.
What I really love about Craig’s setup is that almost everything on the chart is based on price action. Just a few moving averages and the stochastics indicator are all that’s needed. The rest is dedicated to analyzing price action in it’s purest form. Everything from pip movements during each session, accurate ADR screens that even show how much movement was completed in each session as well as total daily, weekly and monthly ADR totals, previous daily highs and lows, previous weekly highs and lows…even potential stop hunt zones after the Asian session is completed…it’s all right there.
What I can tell you with absolute certainty is that the Craig Harris setup has made my trading life so much easier. And that’s just the charts…he also literally has tons of training videos that take you step-by-step through the Natural Flow system. Even with the experience I have, what he revealed in the training videos gave me several « Ahah » moments where a light bulb was turned on. His system is a great complement to my own trading setup and I fully believe novice and advanced traders alike would benefit from taking advantage of what Craig has to offer.
I’d also like to say that the pricing structure Craig offers now is nothing short of fantastic. First payment covers two months with him in the trading room with one-on-one attention. He’s more than willing to answer any questions you have. And he’s calling out his trades live in the room as they develop…something many so-called « pros » are not willing to do. Win or lose, he lays it all on the line. He really is a hands on teacher that’s right there with you the whole way.
After that, it’s just a small monthly fee to stay with him and the others in the trading room. And you get everything when you sign up…the indicators, the templates, the training videos, the live trading room.
I could go on and on here but suffice it to say that I’d recommend Craig’s trading system to anyone out there. Five stars just isn’t enough. :-)

Kenneth Tucker, Macomb, MI, USA


Date of Post:2013-01-14


I have been a member of Craig Harris Forex for over three months. I know from experience, his system works, he is a true mentor that really does care about his students. Also, all the staff at CHF are also very concerned about their students. Give them a try, it will turn your life around. As a mentor, Craig does expect certain things from his students, but doesnt every teacher? His system, the chat room, and people within are truly top notch. My hats of to Craig. I know he is not only a superb mentor, but is also passionate and caring. A hand shake to you Craig and CHF

Thanks Craig and all at CHF
If I could I would add 500 more stars to the rating!


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