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Currency Trend

Currency Trend

This tool gives the strength of the trend for currency and pair.

How does it work ? If we have a downtrend on EURUSD then we could say that EUR is in a downtrend and USD in an uptrend. If we do the same thing on several pairs then we could calculate a strength index for each currency.

  • EURUSD is down = EUR is down, USD is up
  • GBPUSD is down = GBP is down, USD is up
  • EURGBP is up = EUR is up, GBP is down
  • EUR : 1x downtrend, 1x uptrend
  • USD : 2x uptrend
  • GBP : 2x downtrend

We could say that GBPUSD is the best trend. Now you can do it with many pairs…

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Currency Trend – Mataf

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