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FPA Review Moderation Team, , USA


No Rating

Date of Post:2013-07-31


We haven’t tried the forex trading educational materials from If you’ve used these to learn how to trade forex, please leave a review here.

bog, bucharest, Romania


Date of Post:2015-03-06


The actual rating is 2.5 stars.
I joined DTFL about 1 year ago and I read regularly the daily market review of Sterling and Chad. I also joined as many live trading rooms as possible.

Overall, it is a strategy that looks really good in theory, but has small chances (to zero) in practice. If you follow it by the book, there are (maybe) 1 or 2 potential set-ups per week, or 4 to 6 per month (I’m not saying winning trades, but potential set-ups). So if you want to make a living from Forex it would be almost impossible using this strategy.

I think that Sterling and Chad are generating their income from subscriptions, not from trading their own method. As a matter of fact I hardly remember Sterling taking a trade; all the time something is not perfect for him, or everything is perfect, but the time is not proper so on and so forth. Chad is taking a trade from time to time. They do not reveal their trading account to their students for obvious reasons.

On the other hand, the theory they teach is very interesting and very useful for getting an excellent understanding of the market and realizing how the Smart Money are manipulating it.

Sterling and Chad are also very eager to help the students and they encourage the students to come up with question and they answer pretty fast.

All in all you get some added value for the money you pay for subscription, especially in terms of theoretical aspects.

In conclusion, if you want to learn about the market manipulation, this is the place. If you expect to learn a strategy that will allow you to make a living from forex you should look for a different strategy.



Added by Sterling Suhr on 2015-04-01 09:24


Hi Bog,

I appreciate the positive comments on our support, but there are a few points that I would have to disagree with.

First, the number of trades per month. The amount of trades someone takes based on our strategy is not the same between all traders. I personally trade the EUR/USD and the GBP/USD ONLY. Many of our members trade 6+ pairs not to mention other markets. Because you know the exact levels you are going to trade from long in advance, someone could easily trade more pairs than I do, and most members do. Also the time you trade is important. I trade just the first 4 hours of the New York session. For those who trade NY & London (first 4 hours of both sessions) you will see twice as many trades.

Overall I would say most of our members average 10-15 trades a month or more depending on the amount of pairs traded and whether or not they trade London/NY, or both.

One thing traders struggle with is not quantity…they struggle with quality. 99% of traders reading this will NOT have lost money in their career because they didn’t take enough trades, they lost money because they didn’t take quality trades. Our goal is to focus on only the best setups. If this means taking 12 good trades in a month vs. 24 mediocre trades then that is a compromise I’m happy to make. Again, people lose money because of quality NOT lack of quantity.

As far as the trades Chad or I take in our live training room. I understand you have only been around Day Trading Forex Live for a year, so you may not know this. From 2010 to 2013 Chad and I ran a live room every single day. This was during the first 3 years we ran DTFL. During that time every single trade we took was live and there were hundreds of them. Over that 3 year period I averaged over +7% growth per month using just 1% risk per trade! We don’t just say that what we do works, rather we traded in live in front of hundreds of members for 3+ years and proved it.

Remember also, that the +7% growth per month was off of just 1% risk per trade. Even still +7% monthly growth over time can be huge. Did you know that if you grow an account by +7% every month and compound the gains over 5 years you would end up with 58 times your starting balance? A $5,000 account would be worth $290,000! The trouble that traders have with this idea is that they think trading is a overnight way to riches. Trading is hard work and for those willing to put in the time and effort to learn it we have a proven strategy that has been consistently successful through all market conditions over the last 5+ years.

One other point in regards to live room trades. The point of the room now is not SOLELY to take trades…the point is to educate traders on how to trade our bank trading strategy. Even still, in last weeks live session Chad took a trade worth +50 pips, and this Tuesday I took a trade worth +40…that is just the last 2 live sessions. I will be posting the live recording of my trade later on today.

Finally, in regards to making a living from this strategy. We have many members who are now full time traders using our strategy. In fact one of those members (Animesh) posted his review below. He is one of many that is now consistently profitable month after month. At the end of the day I don’t think our service is perfect for everyone but I do know for certain we create many profitable traders. The only way people know if a service is for them however, is to try it. To eliminate the risk of trying a new service we have a no questions asked 30 day refund policy. This gives everyone a chance to try the service without the risk of being stuck if they don’t like it. Overall 29 people have left a review with ratings….24 of those reviews were 5 star and I think that speaks volumes about our honest effort to help traders become successful.

All the best in your trading,

Eugen, Netherlands, Netherlands


Date of Post:2015-02-07


I’ve been with DTFL now for almost 2 months and about 1 month live trading(small account). I found Chad and Sterling by looking into the market maker method thought by Martin Cole.

Both DTFL and Martin have very similar approaches but their methodology is different. Martin advertises his PAT software while Sterling and Chad don’t require any special software. I didn’t want to commit to Martin expensive course and PAT rental without having any kind of belief if I was to succeed or not. Some people still forget to ask themselves this question after trying trading and spending a lot of money with no success: « Is trading actually for me??? »

Anyway, I’m here to give my review for the DTFL method and it’s a very positive one.I had no trading experience with forex when I started. I had previous experience trading stocks and commodities but nothing very consistent. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have my fair share of TA crap and search for miracle indicator and also managed to blow my account 1 time.

The method Chad and Sterling have works, but the method itself is about 20% of the work. The rest is the trader, the discipline, the trading plan, etc… I was very excited in the beginning when I discovered these guys so I was spending a lot of hours every day reading their course material and watching the live trades that they took. It required and still does require a lot of commitment and determination. But for me it’s fun. I don’t trade to survive. I trade to build experience and hopefully in a couple of years go from hobby to actual financial independence.

First month live trading live gave me a profit of >15%, and February started very well with my second trade of the month giving me a 6:1 R/R. As Sterling says your risk management is extremely important if you want to be successful in the long term and NOT the amount of trades you take. I trade about 2 times a week, when I have time since I have a day job as well.

All in all, if you were looking for a successful method to trade forex, look no more. Just keep in mind, the method doesn’t guarantee you will also be successful as a trader! After all, only about 5% are actually making money 😉

Stephen Jacques, NH, USA


Date of Post:2015-01-14


I have been trading forex for almost 3 years. The first 2 years I did not have any consistent success.
There are thousands of forex trading systems/methodologies. I have tried numerous systems in the past, with no consistent success. That all changed in July of 2014 when I joined DTFL. Everything made perfect sense to me from the strategy to the way to manage your forex business with a 2/1 RR Ratio and understanding that you only need to be correct 50% of the time with your trades.
Another thing that Chad and Sterling stress is Quality over Quantity. Being selective about the trades you take based on strict rules in your trade plan.
After a few months of learning with DTFL, I was on my way. I have closed positive months the last four months and January is well into positive territory. I have engrained my DTFL strategy and most importantly my risk reward parameters.
As Sterling says, trading is 10% strategy and 90% understanding R/R. This alone will change your results as a trader.
I would highly recommend DTFL to anyone in forex, beginner to advanced.
Steve Jacques
Bartlett, NH USA

Kyle Salisbury, Akron, OH, USA


Date of Post:2014-11-01


I started trading forex because I started trading in cryptocurrency profitably, but realized that forex had more to offer in terms of liquidity and leverage. After I opened by forex account I quickly lost money because I was using a trading system for cryptocurrencies and didn’t know that every market has its own personality. Not to be put off I started to look for new strategies that would work for the forex markets. I tried out MACD crosses, stochastics, moving averages, trading news, Ichimoku, and many other things, but didn’t trust any of these indicators. Eventually I found out about price action and volume spread analysis which led me to finding Day Trading Forex Live. Unlike many trading systems, Sterling and Chad will take live trades in front of members and be up front with their results. They also say WHY the system works. That stop runs happen because banks are looking for liquidity before they push the market. Their email support is also very helpful. After just 3 months of using their system, watching all their educational material, and attending the live training rooms, I have made all the money back that I initially lost and made back the cost of becoming a member. This service is well worth it if you want to become a profitable trader.

Animesh D, Mumbai, India


No Rating

Date of Post:2014-09-02


I was trading almost for one year. My previous strategy was totally blind technique although it gave me profit. But DTFL has given me the light to see & understand the market. Now I know how to select the best opportunity the market offers to a trader and make profit out of it. Anybody looking for tension free long term strategy should not think twice to join DTFL. Good Luck Guys!


Frank D, Philadelphia, USA


Date of Post:2014-07-23


After spending about 3 years of toying with technical indicators and creating my own EAs, I was left with nothing more than completely inconsistent profits AT BEST. I knew there had to be a better way and so I began looking further into Support/Resistance, which is when I came across a DTFL video on Youtube. From then on, I was hooked. I watched a view more videos Sterling & Chad had posted, at which point I decided to become a full-time member.

The course is worth much more than what I paid because it is much more than « just a course ». Yes, you do get the in-depth training videos/articles, but I really believe the magic of DTFL is the community that Sterling and Chad have built. The daily market reviews are fantastic, they’re real, and they offer daily support and reflection to all that is taught in the course. The Live Training Sessions are fantastic, since you are sitting there in real-time asking questions and receiving real answers from Sterling/Chad with visual guides as they explain. You can’t beat that!

Anytime I’ve had questions, Sterling and/or Chad have responded via email within a few hours and were more than helpful. Just yesterday, I asked Sterling bluntly, « Which broker do you use and why? » and I was surprised at what I received – an honest, real answer within a couple hours! In this industry, you can’t beat that type of resource.

Yes, it takes time to learn and master (not saying I’m a master – yet!) but nothing worthwhile in life ever happens overnight. If you are on the fence about becoming a member at DTFL, do yourself a favor and pull the trigger!

brad king, Manchester, United Kingdom


Date of Post:2014-07-16


I was i the live room 2 – 3+ years ago, Sterling said he was a dry wall installer, but preferred trading. At that time the room was not profitable and had a high turn over – generally between 16 and 21 subs only. He was often absent with various problems and excuses.
I can see now that it has become a slick and well oiled machine …. perhaps too well oiled in its sales pitches. I believe it falls short
and only shows how vulnerable people are. They are not scamming – there is a service but clearly its a nice little earner !
There will always be victims to find – really surprised Sterling is still operating in public. His face can now be seen on the website video which is actually quite brave.



Added by Sterling Suhr on 2014-07-22 09:25


Because you have never seen our service I feel like I should clarify a few points you have wrong.

Yes that is correct, I had a job before I began trading. George Soros was a waiter and a railroad porter before becoming a successful investor….does that nullify his current status?

As far as the profitability of the live room I averaged 7% per month over the 3 years the room was running. You managed to make it to the room a few days a week…for only a few weeks. If you’d like to speak with members who were actually there for years I would be happy to put you in touch with them to speak to the profitability.

If by « sales pitch » you mean giving away most of our strategy for free on the front of the site then yes, very « well oiled ». If someone actually spends the time to look through our content they will find well laid out and complete material. Finding another site that gives away as much content as we do would be quite difficult. Again, if this is a negative to you then I’m not quite sure how to respond to that.

Over the last 2 years we have maintained a 3% refund rate. This alone speaks volumes about our service. The simple truth is once someone joins they see the success of other members and very rarely do we have refunds. For the 3 people out of every 100 that do request a refund we are happy to provide it. And currently we have over 1,300 members, not « 16 to 21 subs » you mention.

Out of 26 reviews there are only 2 which are negative. The funny part about both of the negative reviews is they come from people who have never seen the service. All other reviews from people who have seen the service are 5 star with the exception of one which is 3 stars. I think this also speaks volumes about the service.

All the best,

Sean, FLA, USA


Date of Post:2014-06-04


Sterling and Chad are great educators. They hold live trading rooms a few days a week that last a few hours and really help when you are first learning the strategy. They preach a simple logic strategy that gets you trading with smart money. It has been really dry these last few months (march-may) but their strategy did a great job of keeping me out of the market and out of bad trades during this time. I have much confidence when the market conditions pick back up I will be making a very nice second income.

Rick, Malaga, Spain


Date of Post:2014-05-17


DTFL offers a very good foundaton of rich knowledge and experience about the basic factors that cause the FX market to move and shows you how to capitalize on those moves. They have a cutting edge view of the market and provide you with the specific knowledge, tools, feedback and coaching to make you a profitable trader.

I have been involved in Forex for about 5 years now, learning, studying, practicing, trading and losing money, and then losing again, and again. 3 months ago I joined DTFL and thanks to the course, the anwers to questions, the weekly live trading sessions, the recorded material, and access to other members, I have been able to turn everything around now, erasing all previous losses and finally on my way as a succesful and profitable trader.

After being in the course material and the ongoing support, I can clearly see how Chad and Sterling are the real deal: they are profitable, succesful traders, and they are sharing their success with others, always willing to help, and so happy when they see other members succeed. They are not just marketers selling information about Forex, they are not a signaling service, and they are not there to promise quick FX riches with little effort. They have real pips gained under their belt and dedicate their training to produce other profitable traders. The course and membership price is awesome, a one time, small payment for life-time membership. I could not be happier. And my wife and kids have noticed it too!!!


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