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    • AUDCAD
    • 0.9453 / 0.9462
    • AUDCHF
    • 0.7400 / 0.7414
    • AUDJPY
    • 92.2300 / 92.2700
    • AUDNZD
    • 1.0026 / 1.0055
    • AUDUSD
    • 0.7723 / 0.7726
    • CADCHF
    • 0.7830 / 0.7837
    • CADJPY
    • 97.5200 / 97.6100
    • CHFJPY
    • 124.5200 / 124.5700
    • EURAUD
    • 1.3835 / 1.3846
    • EURCHF
    • 1.0250 / 1.0254
    • EURRUR
    • 56.9550 / 57.9550
    • EURUSD
    • 1.0689 / 1.0692
    • GBPRUR
    • 80.0500 / 80.1500
    • GBPUSD
    • 1.4881 / 1.4884
    • NZDUSD
    • 0.7692 / 0.7695
    • USDCAD
    • 1.2242 / 1.2245
    • USDCHF
    • 0.9588 / 0.9593
    • USDJPY
    • 119.4300 / 119.4600
    • USDRUR
    • 53.7580 / 53.7680
    • XAGUSD
    • 16.0700 / 16.1200
    • XAUUSD
    • 1198.3700 / 1199.1200
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Why LiteForex? Account types Learn more Deposit / Withdrawal Electronic Transfers Bank Wire Transfers Credit Card Transfers Local Deposit All payment methods Monitoring accounts PAMM No Account PAMM Name Overall, % Daily profitability, % 1 H [143007] 6187.22 0.00 2 Offensive Trading [106068] 2253.36 0.00 3 DollarInvest [98659] 2129.80 0.00 4 Progressive [103129] 1668.31 0.00 5 PowerTrade [99748] 1524.94 0.00 6 mediocris [176485] 759.92 0.00 7 Hedge Invest [120794] 711.56 0.34 8 Ultra Capital Growth [79060] 665.69 0.00 9 Sable [189296] 581.50 0.38 10 AG005 [136740] 397.37 0.00 Invest funds in trader Full rating LiteForex Club Join the cluband make the most of LiteForex’s service! Company news

  • 2015-04-17 14th MENA FOREX: invest wisely with LiteForex
  • 2015-04-10 Please note: accounts balance measurements in server to change
  • 2015-04-02 Please note: trading hours to change
  • 2015-03-23 Please note: old cent accounts have been transferred over to…
  • 2015-03-06 Changes in trading on Moscow Exchange on 9th March

Forex analysis

  • 2015-04-21 Brent: general analysis
  • 2015-04-21 GBP/USD: overall analysis
  • 2015-04-21 EUR/USD: wave analysis
  • 2015-04-21 USD/CHF: wave analysis
  • 2015-04-20 AUD/USD: analysis and forecast

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  • Auto-withdrawal The service of automatic withdrawal of funds from the trading account
  • VPS service LiteForex group of companies offers its clients comfortable Virtual Private Servers

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Why do people from all over the world trade Forex every day?

Because Forex means convenient, accessible, safe, and stable profits.

Forex is

Accessible. All you need for trading Forex is access to the Internet. Open a trading account right now and assess the simplicity of making money in the Forex market. Registration takes up 1 minute only. The amount of your earnings is not limited. Forex trading has never been so easy.

Convenient. You do not need to attend the office day after day. You can start wherever you want: at home, in a park, in a café. The Forex market operates day and night. Can’t fall asleep? Earn. Stuck in a traffic jam? Earn. Coffee break? Earn! You can make money every day and every minute from wherever in the world. The LiteForex company opens you new opportunities and invites you to download one of the platform mobile versions. Trade and earn wherever you want.

Stable. Trading in the foreign exchange market brings you stable profits. The experience and expertise you acquire guarantees regular profits that will only grow. In case you don’t have any time or opportunity to examine all the subtleties of Forex trading, LiteForex offers you a convenient investment service. Professional managers will increase your capital.

Reliable. You need a reliable and stable Forex broker to guarantee successful work in the Forex market. The best proof of LiteForex’s reliability is 1 060 000 traders from all over the world that make money with LiteForex.

Start Forex Trading with a Top Forex Broker – LiteForex

The LiteForex group of companies offers newcomers the easiest and most accessible way of starting to earn money on the Forex international market. With us, you’ll feel comfortable from your first steps to financial independence. Just open the door to the world of Forex trading: it’s easy and convenient!

Comprehensive support and training

Since LiteForex’s clients are not only professional traders but also novices, we pay considerable attention to training. You’ll have access to our training courses, an extensive list of Forex-related literature, how-to videos, reports, and the opportunity to communicate with professionals and ask them questions. Moreover, we provide free demo accounts, which serve as trainers for newcomers.

Comfortable trading terminal ?? 4/5

The company’s trading terminal MetaTrader 4/5 is a model of comfort and functionality. On the one hand, you have everything you need. On the other hand – nothing will be extraneous. You can start using the terminal as soon as it’s installed on your personal computer thanks to its intuitive interface. The terminal also has an integrated support system.

Informational and analytical support

The LiteForex Group offers its clients informational and analytical support. When making trading decisions, you will be supported by Forex news from all over the world, diligently collected for you, as well as by our experts’ analytical articles. The outlook for currency rate dynamics, objectives, and important technical levels are available for you any time and cost absolutely nothing.

Minimum deposit requirements

The most important thing for newcomers is acquiring necessary experience without risking big sums of money: that’s why LiteForex Group offers its clients the lowest deposit requirements. You can start with $50 and trade small volumes (0.01 lots) until you feel ready for the next step. After that there are no limits!

The largest range of trading terms and conditions

We offer professional traders the widest range of trading conditions, embracing all account types, any type of execution (market execution and instant execution), 4 or 5 digit quotes, 0.01-100 lots per transaction, fixed and floating spreads, STP and PAMM accounts. Don’t worry about trading conditions. We’re ready to satisfy the highest standards of professional traders.

Rapid execution and transparent quotation

The things that matter for a professional trader with a profitable trading strategy are transparent quotes and fast execution. Serious trading strategies demand high-quality brokerage service: instant execution, no requotes, and exhaustive quotes for every financial instrument. Moreover, the transactions lifetime can be calculated in seconds for some strategies, and there’s no possibility to wait. That’s why LiteForex Group offers its clients instant execution of transactions.

Any trading strategies without restrictions

Are you having problems realizing your trading strategy in your present brokerage company? Open an account with LiteForex Group and test our potential as applied to your strategy. We do not limit you in your choice of money making market strategies. The most aggressive strategies are available for you. Moreover, LiteForex Group doesn’t act against the use of trading robots. Contact the specialists at the General Customer Inquiries Department to know which type of account will work best for you.

Guaranteed liquidity at any volume

Does your company’s quality of brokerage service get worse as your transaction volumes grow? Try LiteForex! We process any volumes equally well. You can make a transaction of 100 lots, and the number of transactions is not limited. Because we put the transactions onto the interbank market, you have direct access to all Forex liquidity. The specialists at the support department will help you choose the type of account that best meets your demands.

Comfortable deposits and withdrawals

Trading is inconvenient when you can’t deposit and withdraw using any payment system. With us, you can use the payment service that’s easiest for you. LiteForex Group doesn’t charge any extra fees: you pay the money transfers according to your payment system fee.

Transparent and accurate account monitoring

Investors are offered transparent and accurate account monitoring. An investor always has to compare lots of factors when choosing a manager. LiteForex Group provides the most accurate and objective account monitoring so that you can make a decision on the basis of real funds management efficiency.

Convenient investment mechanism

It’s easy to participate in the trust management process, since it’s convenient and transparent. You can choose a manager by yourself, according to your own preferences, funds management efficiency and manager’s commission. After you’ve made your choice, you can entrust any part of your funds to the manager right through your personal profile.

Possibility of funds deposit and withdrawal

Some managers impose special conditions on the deposit and withdrawal processes. Our PAMM mechanism operation ensures you’ll have no problems when depositing and withdrawing. You can do it anytime, and it won’t influence the manager. Moreover, you can choose the moment when to entrust your money to the manager. If you do it when the equity is relatively low, your profitability can be even higher than the manager’s.

Full automation

The funds entrustment and profit withdrawal processes are fully automated. The account with your funds can’t be accessed by the manager, and is thus protected against misuse of funds. Your money works for you and brings you profits according to the manager’s potential.

Any profitability at your option

You choose potential profitability by yourself in accordance with your own ideas of reasonable investment. We provide you with accurate and full information on manager’s real profitability, which you can then use to make your choice. The profitability rate of 300% per annum has been exceeded when writing this text.

  • World Finance 2011«Top 100»
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  • «Liteforex» -Best BrokerAfrica 2011
  • «LiteForex» -Best Forex Brokerin Nigeria 2010
  • «LiteForex» -The BestClients Service
  • Best Foreign ExchangeRetail Service Provider
  • «LiteForex» -Best AffiliateProgram 2011

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