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  • Executive Files with Tom Kelly (VIDEO)Jan. 2: Executive Files with Tom Kelly, founder, chairman and CEO of Revenue Management Solutions. (Alexis Muellner/Tampa Bay Business Journal; Produced by Company Man Studios)
  • Foodservice must adapt to changing customer needs, say expertsBy Lauren Houghton, 13-Nov-2014

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  • 11/5 | Thought Leadership ForumWednesday, 5 November 2014, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Parliament Square, London, SW1P 3AD Hear direct from McDonald’s UK Chief Finance Officer on how success has been driven by matching its offer to a changing customer. Ask questions of …

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RMS has been a dedicated partner with major international restaurant and retail companies for nearly twenty years by providing sustainable profit building strategies that protect the long term growth of client brands. As a preeminent econometrics firm, RMS is a pioneer in the area of restaurant and retail revenue management, media and real estate analytics.

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