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The AcOS, Autonomic Operating System for Adaptive Computing, project aims at designing and prototyping a patch for commodity operating systems (e.g. Linux, FreeBSD).

The resulting system, executed on commercial multicore architectures (e.g. Intel i5 and i7, AMD Phenom, NVIDIA Tegra 2, Qualcomm MSM8660), will be capable to observe its own execution and optimize, in a self-aware manner, its behavior with respect to the external environment, to user needs and to applications demands.

Mobile devices are everywhere but rely on a limited amount of computation capabilities and need optimizing both for performance and for energy-savings. Additionally, the external environment tends to influence both performance and power consumption in a priori unpredictable ways.

The choice of an adaptive system to be implemented seems though very natural, since introducing self-awareness makes the device capable of reacting to external and internal changes. In this work the goals of a self-adaptive mobile device are analyzed and a prototype, called morphone.OS, is implemented, based on the Android operating system.

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