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(??????? ???????????)


    • Forexagone on ??? 28 ??? 2011
    • 15:11:39

    Site URL:
    Scorecard: View


    I would like to request an evaluation about our website Currently we have a poor rate and we don’t
    understand why.

    Forexagone is a french community about trading forex. We have
    almost 10 000 members and more than 200 messages a day on the
    forum. The member’s feedback are very good, they have full trust in
    our website and share our articles and lessons through twitter,
    facebook and Google +. We have a lot of very quality content about
    economic and financial analysis. No download, no advertising.

    It’s why we ask you to visit yourself and evaluate the web site

    Thank you for your help,
    Kind regards,
    MATTERN Xavier

    Has privacy policy?
    Owner said Yes

    Has a way for users to contact site
    Owner said Yes

    Whois Information:

    This post was generated automatically. All information is as
    entered by the site owner.

  • ???????????:

    • Forexagone on ??? 28 ??? 2011
    • 18:26:53


    • c?g on ??? 28 ??? 2011
    • 20:10:51


    We have almost 10 000 members and more
    than 200 messages a day on the forum.

    We’re currently unable to display data for traffic.

    July, 2011 – unique visitors: 124

    I think the claim of 10,000 members with 200 forum postings
    daily is an exaggeration
    I do not speak / read French so I decline to visit and review the

    My advice is, encourage your members to use WOT and rate up your
    site, as well as other sites they frequently visit, this is how WOT
    works by crowd-source input. Note that WOT is Meritocratic in
    nature with respect to trusting it’s users, not all ratings have
    the same weight; trust is earned over time and through consistent
    rating patterns (multiple user accounts nullify rating
    reliability). Please visit the Wiki for more information as to how
    WOT works: Wiki

    WOT is not SiteAdvisor
    WOT determines a site’s Trustworthiness based upon site
    visitor experience (perception).
    SiteAdvisor determines « safety » based on it’s bots traversing the
    domain in search of Malware.
    As you can see, WOT is the only detection out of 17 results at

    ? – and you
    and I
    Opto, ergo sum

    • Forexagone on ??? 29 ??? 2011
    • 10:24:13


    Hello g7w,

    Most of the 10 000 members are inactive (like every website I
    think). But we have 200 new messages a day on the forum and between
    1000 and 6000 visits a day (Google analytics).

    We could ask to our member to rate our website but we are
    affraid that it will be considered like a cheat. Because most of
    our members don’t have any account on myWot yet. So they will sign
    up for the first time and rate our website. I believe I was reading
    somewhere that it will be bad considered by myWot. ( here
    >>>… )

    What do you think about it ?


    • Forexagone on ??? 30 ??? 2011
    • 12:14:14


    You must know that Poker, betting and Forex are very competitive
    fields. It looks obvious that the bad rates we’ve been given by the
    two big members of myWOT (mouseji, 09/30/2010 & Puppet master
    10/03/2010) have been set up by the competition (same content and
    same punctuation) in order to attack our site.

    Currently, our FaceBook page is censured and blocked because we
    have a bad ranking on MyWOT (nearly 600 fans,
    which is very damaging for us and the fans.

    I know not everybody speaks french, but you should have a look
    to the website and see all the (free) quality content we provide
    (tutorials, courses for learning Forex trading, videos, tools for
    beginners and experts, a big and active community), and see that it
    doesn’t deserve to be considered dangerous or have a poor

    • Forexagone on ??? 31 ??? 2011
    • 09:50:21


    Nobody cares about our situation ? :(

    • c?g on ??? 31 ??? 2011
    • 11:31:40


    posted by: Forexagone
    We could ask to our member to rate our website but we are affraid
    that it will be considered like a cheat. Because most of our
    members don’t have any account on myWot yet.

    1] It is encouraged that website
    owners tell their frequent visitors about WOT and request that
    those site users install the Add-on and rate the site. Remember,
    WOT is a website reputation Trustworthiness tool based on
    user feedback; what better users to offer feedback for your sites
    than your users?

    • Tips to increase
      your site’s reputation
      You can also ask your friends and customers to rate the site.
      In order to rate sites you need the WOT add-on. To comment on
      scorecards and post on our forum, registration is

    2] Registering an account is required for access to this forum
    and for leaving comments on scorecard, not for
    rating websites.
    Scorecard comments have no affect to site reputation: Comments are
    not ratings

    3] WOT is a Meritocracy, meaning
    that user: Forexagone and user: g7w do not have
    the same weight in ratings. « Weight » or user reliability
    is based on merit (WOT’s trust in the user). g7w
    may have a higher activity score than
    Forexagone BUT Forexagone could be considered
    « more reliable » and their ratings would have more « weight »

    • WOT is also a democracy in the sense that everyone has the
      ability to download / use the add-on and offer their testimonies
      (ratings) for websites

    In your PM you stated:
    I dont know very well if the rate of our newbies members (on
    wot community) can fight against the rate of 2 old
    A] It does not matter if one member has been a user for 3 months
    versus 3 years, WOT does not discriminate upon how long a person
    has been using the add-on, or for how long they may or may not have
    registered to these forums.

    B] You can not see « who » rated a site; ratings are cast by
    ballot. What you can see are comments placed on a scorecard. If
    you see 2 comments, do not assume that is equal to the amount of
    users who offered ratings.

    Q: How can new user ratings gain effect to reputation
    A: By rating the websites they frequently visit: their webmail
    (hotmail / gmail / / etc.), online banking (or other
    financial institutions) ie: / / / etc.), their favorite search engine (Bing / Google
    / Yahoo), their favorite social networking sites (MySpace /
    Facebook / Twiter / etc), their local schools, local government,
    favorite stores, etc, etc. By actively rating websites in a
    consistent manner, WOT learns to trust their ratings and the affect
    is an increase in their rating reliability. You only have to rate a
    site once, but each time you visit that site, it refreshes your
    ratings. If you rate a site and never return, your ratings « fade
    away » in time (about 1 year) while your comment remains until you
    delete / edit it.

    ? – and you
    and I
    Opto, ergo sum

    • webiGator (?? ?????????) on ??? 31 ??? 2011
    • 13:34:41


    posted by:
    We’re currently unable to display data for traffic.

    July, 2011 – unique visitors: 124

    I think the claim of 10,000 members with 200 forum postings
    daily is an exaggeration

    As long as they didn’t sign up to use one of those services,
    those services show « estimates » (
    ) based on the feedback they can fetch from search engine
    companies. Such estimates are nothing else but the result of
    looking into a crystal ball, but they are not fit to be a base for
    random accusations.

    Looking back, I have seen worse websites than this one.

    I have rated it for what it is: OK.

    ~ Je l’ai noté pour ce qu’elle est: OK

    • Forexagone on ??? 01 ??? 2011
    • 11:10:25


    To close the discussion about the size of our community and the
    quantity of visitors, I uploaded 2 images :
    Trafic for July 2011 : 136 000 visits >

    Members of Forexagone : 10 737 members >

    Yesterday I send an email to our community and a message on the
    forum. A lot of members tried to help us and vote For Forexagoneon
    Mywot. You can also see that some post comments to revolt against
    the current rating and explain why this note of poor reputation is
    absurd and obviously caused by the attack of competitors against

    But today I’m really disappointed to see that our rating didn’t
    move a lot. We only won 1 point in privacy and 1 point in child
    safety… How is it possible ? :(

    15:28 (GMT+1) : Finally we won 5 points for trustworthiness, 5
    for vendor reliability, 6 for privacy and 7 for child safety. Not
    so bad, but the full green rating still far !

    • Forexagone on ??? 03 ??? 2012
    • 14:56:51



    Few month after my first request I would like to ask you a
    second time to help our community.

    Forexagone’s reputation was attacked by unscrupulous competitors
    a year ago. They used their position on MyWot to provide lies and
    bad ranking about forexagone. We asked to our community to help us
    to raise our ranking. It raised a little bit, but It’s not

    For information, Forexagone is a french website about Forex. We
    provide :
    – courses (

    – economical news on a blog (

    – brokers comparative (

    – economical indicators (

    – forum with 45 000 posts (

    … and a lot of informations about the financial market.
    Forexagone is a french community with 13 000 members but still have
    currently a bad ranking on You can note that Forexagone
    is a safe website (
    (except on Mywot and websecurityguard who have no information about
    us) and have a private policy available on

    We hope that some of your moderator/members will be review our
    website and give the ranking that Forexagone deserves.

    Thank you for your help,
    Sorry for my bad english 😉
    Best regards,

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