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Access our API for 30 days and request up to 1000 exchange rates for 190 currencies


$400/ month

$4,500 / year (save $300 / year)

100,000 quotes per month

Daily average bid, mid and ask rates

More than 190 currencies and precious metals

Unlimited data going back to January 1990

Period average, high, and low rates

Email support

No activation fee

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$750/ month

$8,500 / year (save $500 / year)

Unlimited quotes per month*

Daily average bid, mid and ask rates

More than 190 currencies and precious metals

Unlimited data going back to January 1990

Period average, high, and low rates

Phone support

No activation fee

Access to sales engineer for integration assistance

* Max 1 hit/second

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Call us on 1-800-826-8164 (toll-free) or +1-212-390-8735 (international) or contact an account manager here.

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We are the currency authority for the « Big Four » accounting firms, tax authorities, and financial institutions worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I test OANDA Exchange Rates?

Once you sign-up for a free trial, an email containing an API key is sent to your email. Copy and paste the API key into this online tool, which lets you run queries against the OANDA Exchange Rates API and view the results immediately.

Where can I find technical documentation for OANDA Exchange Rates?

Refer to our detailed online guide for technical specifications, sample code and help on integrating the API with your ERP, accounting and finance packages.

Where can I get help for integrating OANDA Exchange Rates into my ERP system?

OANDA has partnered with FXLoader, which provides a service to load OANDA Exchange Rates automatically into your Oracle applications. Please contact your account manager for resources on other ERP applications.

What systems is OANDA Exchange Rates compatible with?

Our API outputs rates in several different data formats (JSON, XML and CSV) that are understood by the majority of ERP, accounting and finance packages, including Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, NetSuite, SAP, Agresso, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Which currency pairs do you publish rates for?

Our API provides cross-rates for more than190 currencies and precious metals. As a subscriber, you need not perform any triangulation calculations as we evaluate and publish every single cross-rate for the 190 currencies. For an overview of currencies available, please refer to the OANDA Currency Converter. The API also provides the official rates from the European Central Bank.

What type of exchange rate values do you publish?

Our API provides daily average, high and low bid and ask rates, midpoints, and weekly and monthly averages. Average rates may be calculated over a custom date range. You may request rates with a fixed number of decimal places and the default number of decimal place is 5.

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What are bid and ask rates?

When you convert currency, you sell one currency to buy another. Your financial institution charges you a different rate if you are selling a currency (the Bid, or Sell, rate) or buying a currency (the Ask, or Buy, rate). Our API provides the bid, ask and mid-point rates, allowing you to choose the rates that are the most applicable for your business.

Where do you source your rates from?

We source our data from a number of different sources, including OANDA’s fxTrade trading platform. Our source data passes through an algorithm that detects and filters anomalies, such as spikes in rates.

When do you refresh your rates?

We publish our daily rates by 10:00pm EST.

Are your rates consistent with the OANDA Currency Converter?

Yes. The currency converter and Exchange Rates API share the same source of rates.

Does OANDA Exchange Rates provide tick data?

No. The Exchange Rates API only provides daily rates. If you require tick data, please contact xr-accounts@oanda.com.

What are your API technical specifications?


Authentication via API key in HTTP header.

Output formats: XML, JSON and CSV.

Over 190 currencies and 36,000 currency pairs.

Historical data going back as far as January 1990.

Daily average bid, mid and ask rates.

Period average, high, and low rates.

Meta data available in response.

Where do I view my payment and invoice information?

Log in to your account and click on the “Billing History” tab to view your historical payments and invoices.

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