Which professional athletes are on pace to join Michael Jordan as

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Which professional athletes are on pace to join Michael Jordan as billionaires?

By Investopedia

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Michael Jordan is perhaps one of the most well-known and richest athletes in the world. However, two notable athletic giants are approaching similar stardom and wealth. Floyd Mayweather earned $105 million in one year for 72 minutes in the boxing ring, and Cristiano Ronaldo enjoys yearly earnings of £14.3 million in the soccer stadium in addition to the benefits of his other business ventures. With such earnings, these two stars are swiftly joining the ranks of the other rich and famous athletes of history.

Floyd Mayweather, to this day, has never lost a fight in the boxing ring. With a 45-0 record, he has 26 smashing knockouts to his credit. No one has succeeded in shaking the cocksure fighter’s confidence for 10 years, and he is on a roll, to say the least. In most sports, an athlete can experience a loss or two and still be ranked with the best. Mayweather, however, has never tasted defeat, even remotely.

Naturally, Mayweather loves a good fight, which inevitably ends in a victory for him. But he also adores the big bucks. The buff fighter switched his name from « Pretty Boy Floyd » to « Money Mayweather, » demonstrating his zeal for the cash flow stemming from participation in his sport. The boxer made $41.5 million in his match against young Canelo Alvarez alone. Many wonder what has made it possible for Mayweather to become so gloriously rich from his success in the ring. Much of it comes down to a simple factor: talent. No one watching the man during a fight can deny that he has it. In spite of this, though, Mayweather puts in more time than anyone perfecting his sport. The endless hours of conditioning and practice have paid off for him — quite literally.

Cristiano Ronaldo is on top when it comes to the bright lights of the soccer stadium. He has an estimated wealth of £122 million. He led his team to victory in 2013 in a match against Sweden, swinging wide the doors to the World Cup finals. He scored all four goals in this game. Holding a record of 42 goals in 33 matches, Ronaldo, though young, is undoubtedly a rising star. His fame is not limited to the soccer field, as he has expanded his ventures to beginning his own line of underwear and has opened a museum. Ronaldo is contracted with Nike, Armani, Castrol Edge, Jacob & Co., Herbalife and Banco Espirito Santo, supplementing his already impressive income.

Ronaldo slipped into an even higher rank financially when David Beckman retired. He also overtook Lionel Messi’s earnings when Messi ran into physical injury as well as an untimely court date for possible tax fraud. This series of events has allowed Ronaldo to enjoy being at the top with the combination of athletic and financial success.


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    Which professional athletes are on pace to join Michael Jordan as …

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